Cord, 1930, L29

Cord L29 – 1930

Errett L. Cord was one of the most innovative characters in the American automotive world of 1920s and 30s. Already owner of Auburn and Duesenberg, he decided to create a new brand with his name to launch a car for a higher market than the Auburn (US$ 1,000/1,500) but far from the astronomical prices of the Duesenberg (US$ 10/13,000). Surprisingly, he chose to build the new car with front-wheel drive, an innovative solution for 1929, that gave the vehicle an exceptional handling.

The long Lycoming 8-cylinder engine was turned around, with the transmission placed in front of it. The elegant bodywork featured a narrow, pointed radiator grille, a long front bonnet and, due to the low, straight chassis, the interior space inside was considerable  since there was no driveshaft running underneath the car. With a price of 3,095 US dollars, only 5,300 examples were sold: a lot of money for a revolutionary vehicle, but not much for an American automobile in that price range.

In 2016 the car was displayed to Auto e Moto d’Epoca in Padova at the A.A.V.S. Associazione Amatori Veicoli Storici stand.

Special thanks to Ivano Mercanzin for the shooting.

Marque: Cord
Model: L29
Cylinder number / Capacity: 8/4934 cc
Power: 115 bhp at 4934 rpm
Speed: 130 kph
Length: 5160 cm
Width: 1920 cm
Height: 1660 cm
Period of production: 1929 - 1932
Marque: Cord
Type: Coupè De Ville
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