Cord, 1930, L29

Cord L29

Errett L. Cord was one of the most innovative characters of the American automobile world in the 1920s and 30s. The owner of Auburn and Duesenberg, he decided to create a new brand bearing his name to launch a car for a higher market than the Auburn (US$ 1,000/1,500) but nowhere near the astronomical price of the Duesenberg (US$ 10/13,000). Surprisingly, he chose to build the new car with forward traction, an innovative solution for 1929, which gave the vehicle an exceptional hold on the road.

The long Lycoming, 8-cylinder engine was turned around, with the gearing system placed in front. The elegant bodywork featured a narrow, pointed radiator cowling , a long front bonnet and, due to the low, straight chassis, considerable space inside the driver and passenger compartment which was not hindered by the driving shaft. Put up for sale at $3,095 dollars, only 5,300 examples were sold: a large number for a revolutionary vehicle, but not many for an American automobile in that price range.

Marque: Cord
Model: L29
Cylinder number / Capacity: 8/4934 cc
Power: 115 bhp at 4934 rpm
Speed: 130 kph
Length: 5160 cm
Width: 1920 cm
Height: 1660 cm
Period of production: 1929 - 1932
Marque: Cord
Type: Coupè De Ville
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