Bianchi, 1915, Tipo S2

Bianchi “Tipo S2” – 1915

The Bianchi S2 is the car which best reflects the aim of the firm to build cars for people who are only in just well off. With this model, Bianchi, once again, showed that they were the benchmark for all the technical solutions taken in a certain period in the automobile history.

The car shown in the museum has a significant historical importance: it was the one used by the General Staff of the Italian Army during the 1914-1918 War, for observing military manoeuvres: the initials S.M. (Stato Maggiore: General Staff) are engraved on the front leaf-spring. The right hand drive was in accordance with a law provision whereby all vehicles had to stay on the extreme right side of the road in order not to frighten horses and to give the right of way to the other means of transport. At the level crossings, as there were no barriers at the time, the driver had to stop the car and get off to check if there was a train coming and then get back in the car and go.

Marque: Bianchi
Model: S2
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/1244 cc
Power: 16 bhp at 1600 rpm
Speed: 77 kph
Length: 3700 cm
Width: 1520 cm
Height: 1850 cm
Period of production: 1914 - 1915
Marque: Bianchi
Type: Torpedo
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