Bianchi, 1935, S9 Sport

Bianchi “S9 Sport” – 1935

Introduced in 1934, the S9 was put on a market dominated by Fiat 1500 and Lancia Augusta, and later by Lancia Aprilia.
The streamlined body was offered in saloon, coupe, and cabriolet version and a wide range of colours was offered for each version.

Among the specification of the car shown in the Museum, we highlight the “book” opening of the doors, the typical “flag indicators” in the rear and the wheels with tangent wires. Near the driver’s seat, there is a crystal vase, where each morning fresh flowers used to be put to have a natural fragrance inside the car.


Marque: Bianchi
Model: S9 Sport
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/1452 cc
Power: 42 bhp at 4000 rpm
Speed: 120 kph
Weight: 1250 kg
Length: 4200 cm
Width: 1700 cm
Height: 1610 cm
Period of production: 1934 - 1939
Marque: Bianchi
Type: Berlina
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