Avions Voisin, 1921, C1

Avions Voisin “C1” – 1921

Gabriel Voisin, pioneer of French aviation, founded the “Société Anonyme des Aéroplanes G. Voisin“. Created to produce aircrafts, at the end of the First World War the company was converted to car production using all the experience gained in the aircraft field. This meant that aeronautical studies, which developed greatly during World War I, had an unusual application on the car bodies: the wide use of aluminiumaerodynamics, functionality and originality. The badge of the firm shows a stylized dove whose shape recalls the Egyptian goddess Isis. In 1937,  the economic crisis forced Gabriel Voisin to sell his shares; in 1940 the company was acquired by Gnome et Rhone and returned to aircraft production. To Gabriel Voisin we owe several innovations such as the reverse light, Cotal electromagnetic gearbox use and large glass surfaces.

The car on show in the museum is fitted with a Knight type sleeve valve engine and the bodywork, created by Alfred Belvalette, has distinctive windows which could be folded to disappear  inside the  door.

Thanks to Paolo Carlini and Ivano Mercanzin for the images.

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Marque: Avions Voisin
Model: C1
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/3969 cc
Power: 83 bhp at 2700 rpm
Speed: 120 kph
Weight: 2500 kg
Length: 4640 cm
Width: 1680 cm
Height: 1960 cm
Period of production: 1919 - 1920
Numbers Built: 1.000
Marque: Carrozzeria Belvalette - Paris
Type: Torpedo
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