Alfa Romeo, 1957, Giulietta t.i.

Alfa Romeo “ Giulietta t.i. ” – 1957

In April 1954 a new car with an eye-catching style and the attractive name Giulietta entered into the automobile market.

Strangely enough, the Sprint version (a coupe designed by Bertone) was first introduced, followed in 1955 by the saloon that, together with the Fiat 600 and 1100 and the Lancia Appia, would help to motorize Italy. The saloon too (4 doors and 4 seats with manual gear lever to the wheel) was extremely fast and brilliant so as to renew the image of the typical pre-war Alfa Romeo cars: good speed, good road-holding, reliability, and elegance. In 1959 and 1961 the body was restyled and thanks to this, the public’s favour remained the same during the following years consolidating the commercial success and continuing the legend.

The car shown in the Museum is a Giulietta t.i. (i.e. International Tourism), a more powerful version introduced in 1957 and which became the most sold of the series in a very short while.

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Marque: Alfa Romeo
Model: Giulietta t.i.
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/1290 cc
Power: 65 bhp at 5500 rpm
Speed: 155 kph
Length: 3980 cm
Width: 1510 cm
Height: 1450 cm
Period of production: 1957 - 1966
Marque: Alfa Romeo
Type: Berlina
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