1930, Taurus, Lautal 28 bicycle

1930 – Taurus, Lautal model, Touring Bicycle – Italy

Taurus was established in Milan by Vincenzo Fabbri in 1906, aiming to build high-quality cycles, using the best metals, alloys and components.
The “Lautal” name of the model (all aluminum) is clearly German-inspired. Besides, Taurus always gave the impression to draw inspiration from the German build quality; the clean styling though was purely Italian.

This model was surely intended for an elite audience, because the alloys used are lightweight, therefore expensive

Technical notes:
– 28” LAUTAL
– TAURUS hubs
– AMBROSIO handlebar
– BROOKS saddle
– Aluminum fenders and chain cover
– Aluminum rims
– Handle to lift the bicycle and carry it by hand
– TAURUS bell
– Rubber seal to protect the handlebar (while the bike is leaned on a wall)


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